About Us

Abbott’s Barber Shop – Aspley is family-owned and operated right here in Aspley. So if you live in the northside of Brisbane, we’re here for you.

“Stan Abbott, my father, was a traditional barber who began his career right here in Brisbane before the Second World War. After his war service, he operated several shops throughout Queensland before settling in Gladstone where I trained with him. After my father’s retirement, my older brother,Ron took over the business. Now I have recently moved to new premises in Aspley with the aim of restoring traditional tonsorial art. And to continue the family connection, my son Sebastian has recently completed an adult apprenticeship.”
John Abbott pictured below with son Sebastian.


A common complaint from customers we hear often is; “It’s so hard to find a fair dinkum barber shop”. The bad news is, yes, like the butcher shop on the corner, the local barber has been fast becoming a memory. The good news is, that while we’re able to provide the modern looks and styles, we’re determined to recreate that trusting friendly feeling that you get when you receive quality service all the time, from the same barber, who knows how you like your hair.

Here are some of our customers comments:

“When you enter the shop the smell of talcum powder and bay rum is evident, true barber aromas…”

“It has a personal and relaxed atmosphere, not situated in an enclosed shopping centre and run by very friendly staff…”

“Dads should take their sons to this barber shop. It’s friendly, easy-going and you don’t pay through the nose…”