At Abbott’s Barber Shop – Aspley, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our aim is to give customers a traditional barber shop experience, which includes a hot towel for a very refreshing treat to finish your haircut.

If you have never experienced a hot towel spoil yourself and drop into Abbott’s Barber Shop for your next haircut. We’ll have up to four chairs working to minimise your waiting time. If you do have to wait, you’ll have foxsports to watch, today’s newspaper to read, or a choice selection of magazines to enjoy.

Services We Provide
Traditional Styles

Traditional short back and sides

Taper or square cut

Crew cuts

Flat tops



Modern Styles

Box cuts

Wet & messy


Marine cuts

Chop cuts


Beard trims/design

Cut throat shaves

Head shaves

Neck shaves

Hot towel shampoos

The Hot Towel Experience!
Beard Trim Basic (No Shave) $15
Beard Trim Premium $25
Crewcut $21
Face Shave $35
Gents $30
Head Shave $35
High School $24
Pre-school $18
Primary School $20
Senior $25
Student (style cut extra) $27
Stylecut (inckudes skin fade) $35
Sunday Minimum Charge $33
Tidy Hairline & Neck Shave $25
Zero/One/Balding $18